ATOM RPG: Trudograd - Deluxe Edition

ATOM RPG TRUDOGRAD DELUXE EDITION This edition consists of ATOM RPG: Trudograd, a game by the Atom Team studio, as well as two DLCs: The Supporter Pack and the War Supply Pack.


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ATOM RPG Trudograd

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[DLC] ATOM RPG Trudograd - Supporter Pack

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[DLC] ATOM RPG Trudograd - War Supply Pack

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Collection Description

ATOM RPG: Trudograd - Deluxe Edition

This bundle consists of ATOM RPG: Trudograd, a game by the Atom Team studio, as well as two DLCs: The Supporter Pack and the War Supply Pack.

ATOM RPG: Trudograd - a turn-based post-apocalyptic roleplaying game set two years after the ending of ATOM RPG.

Playing as the same cadet character, who is now holding the rank of Army Major, you will get to travel to a snowy megapolis called Trudograd, that survived the nuclear disaster seemingly unscathed. You will search the depths of this unique city and its outskirts in a quest to find a pre-war weapon capable of saving the world… or returning it back to the Stone Age!

  • A vast open world, containing 45+ populated locations, from a snowy post apocalyptic megapolis and its outskirts to secret Soviet military bunkers, a large pirate tanker in the frozen sea and a mysterious island, among many more;
  • 30+ combat-only locations where players will get to fight tens of foe varieties from mercenaries to merciless mutants;
  • 300+ characters, each with a unique portrait and branching dialogue;
  • 200+ quests, most with multiple solutions and outcomes;
  • Fully voiced visual text quests with branching plots and unique hand made artwork;
  • 100+ models of distinct weaponry with 75+ weapon mods for further customization;
  • 3 unique powered Soviet-style exoskeleton armor suits, with 20+ ways to customize and modify them for any playstyle;
  • 45+ hours of gameplay with heightened replayability compared to our studio’s first game;
  • Original soundtrack;

...And much more!

Supporter Pack for ATOM RPG: Trudograd includes:

  • All the music from the game in high quality;
  • Loading screen art in high resolution;
  • Unique winter camouflage suit "Avalanche", which increases the player's stealth and changes their appearance;
  • ATOM officer's uniform;
  • Flare gun SPSh-44 with cartridges for it;
  • ATOM thermos, capable of keeping beverages hot even in the most severe weather;
  • ATOM backpack, functional yet roomy;
  • Unique color set for special armor "ATOM Fury";
  • New location "Airdrop site", where you can find all the items included in the set. ATOM does not forget its best agents and always aims to support them with resources and ammunition!

The War Supply Pack for ATOM RPG: Trudograd expands the player's ability to change the appearance of their characters, adds a new weapon of unique design to the game, as well as a tool that expands the character's ability to craft ammunition.

War Supply Pack includes:

  • Shooting knife NRS-2 with cartridges for it;
  • Portable press for creating cartridges;
  • ATOM parade uniform;
  • Unique special armor color set “Red Dawn”;
  • New location "Crashed Plane", where you will find these interesting and useful items.