Rogue Explorer

Pixel Art Hack & Slash Roguelike Action! Do you dare to discover what awaits you deep in the abyss? Explore randomly generated dungeons in a roguelike action experience. Start your exploration now!

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Zoo Corporation
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The Abyss Tower will take you on an adventure. What awaits you deep in the abyss?

Explore randomly generated dungeons in a roguelike action experience.

Hack and slash enemies, acquire loot, and obtain enhancements to your existing equipment.


Search your surroundings by performing jumps, wall jumps and rolling.

◆Daily Stage

Randomly Generated Stages do not change for a day:

even if your search doesn't reveal any treasure, continue your exploration without having to memorize a different layout.

◆Deep Search

Deeper Explorations feature randomly generated stages that change each time you play,

offering a harder challenge in a more roguelike experience.

◆Various Weapons

Open treasure chests to acquire various weapons such as swords, spears and staffs.

Upgrade them with materials acquired by completing stages. Combine equipment and synthesize more powerful items.

◆Avatar Changes

Your playable character shows the equipped items and their appearance can be altered with new color options.


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