Pretty Girls 2048 Strike

The "Pretty Girls" series now includes "2048" slide puzzle! This is a strategic "2048" number game where you combine number blocks to create larger number blocks and defeat your enemies by hitting them with those blocks.

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Zoo Corporation
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◆Game Description:

Pretty Girls 2048 Strike is an exciting and unique 2048 number game, where you combine number blocks to form bigger numbers and hit the blocks against your enemies to damage them!

◆Two game modes are available!
- Stage Mode

There are 10 stages for each of the five Demon Tribes.
Defeat the Demons while damaging enemy blocks!
The difficulty level increases with each additional stage.
You can earn points by clearing each stage.
Use the points you earn to get new costumes and characters from the point exchange in the dressing room!
- Endless Mode
In this game mode, endless blocks appear and players compete to see how much damage they can inflict on enemy blocks before the blocks can no longer be moved.
There are 3 stages: 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 squares.

◆A total of 10 characters of the Exorcist Swordsmen and the Demon Tribes appear in the game!

New costumes can be changed in the dressing room.
All characters are voiced in Japanese.

◆Create your own snapshots in the dressing room!

In Diorama mode, you can place multiple characters at the same time, change the placement of each character, their expressions and costumes, and save/load the scenes you have created.
Stamps, such as hearts, have been added to the stamps to decorate your scenes.

※All the characters are used under an official license.
※All the characters in this game are over 18 years old.


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