Marchen fantasy raising simulation 『Lullaby Days』 is a game where the goal is to grow a duckling girl into a hero. Create 70 endings in the Kingdom of Oberebach with around 90 sub-characters.

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- The game is not easy. Spinel's 'help' in the game is different when the egg/duckling/girl period, it will be a reference for the progress of the game.

- Some endings contain horror productions, so people with weak mind and body need to be careful.

Game operation

All operations are possible with mouse. However, some operations support keyboard, so it is convenient to mix them. Please refer to the 'Help' inside the game.
The most important 'fast progress' is the keyboard left Ctrl or Shift button or right-click of the mouse. 'Window Mode' is keyboard Alt + Enter.

Flexible growth system

Rather than filling the period, it is a system in which a daughter grows when a certain amount of mana is filled. So, if you want to see the ending quickly, you don't have to spend the entire given period, you can grow the daughter any time you want. So, simple endings that require low stats can be viewed quickly, and advanced endings that require more effort take longer, so the playtime per run is flexible.
In addition, the more you watch the ending, the more Swan Topaz is strengthened , and as more episodes are added, it becomes easier to grow your daughter. Help her become a hero by fortifying Swantopaz to its final form.

Education, exploration system

The daughter will be educated, work, and read book according to your schedule. Depending on her age, abilities, etc., the kind of activities getting increase. In the daily life, she will make friends or share her dreams with people.
Exploration around the lake is a side-scrolling RPG that is easy to operate. As long as she supports her stamina, she can continue exploring for several days, so this system has high degree of freedom, and there are many events. During the exploration, you can get items or gain combat experience by fighting monsters.

Festival and competition system

Various contests are held on certain days to win prizes or gain reputation. There are martial arts competitions with tournament battles, and sword dance and chant competitions with mini-games to determine victory and defeat. Your daughter can also spend time with her friends by participating in the festival.

A main story that transcends time and space

Lullaby Days has 70 kinds of endings that differ depending on the daughter’s ability, attribute, event, etc., and the game starts over from the beginning when you see the ending. However, each round of the game is not independent, and there is a main storyline that connects to each other. Will you ever be able to defeat the Demon Lord and save the kingdom? Only when the conditions are satisfied can the true ending be reached.

A side story with love and friendship

About 90 characters appear in Lullaby Days , and if you make a relationship with a specific character and satisfy the conditions, there are also endings such as accomplish the dream together or becoming a lover.


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