Pretty Girls Escape PLUS

The "PLUS" version is now available in the game "Pretty Girls Escape"!

Puzzle, Casual
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Pretty Girls Escape Collection

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The "PLUS" version is now available in the escape block puzzle game "Pretty Girls Escape"!
Slide the blocks left and right in the stage to connect and then erase them, and guide the characters to the exit!
Nine beautiful girls from idol groups and athletics clubs have gathered in the game. Clear the stages and collect the characters' costumes!

◆Game Description
Pretty Girls Escape is an escape block puzzle game in which players must guide the character blocks to the exit.
Clear the stage by erasing connected blocks of the same color, and sliding the blocks left and right across the stage to guide the character blocks to the exit.
Various gimmicks appear in each stage to block the path of the character blocks.
Aim for a high score by erasing as many blocks at once with the least number of moves!

◆Game Modes
* Stage mode
  There are 9 characters and 6 stages for each character.
  The difficulty level increases with each new stage.
  Points can be earned by completing the missions set for each stage.
  Use the points you earn to get new costumes from the exchange! 

* Challenge mode
  This is a highly challenging mode that requires careful consideration of each move.
  There are 20 stages in total, and the difficulty level increases with each new stage.
  Aim to completely conquer all levels!


◆Collect costumes of 9 beautiful women!
There are a total of 9 characters in the game!
New costumes can be changed in the dressing room.
All characters are voiced in Japanese.

◆ Freely take snapshots in the dressing room!
In the diorama mode, you can place multiple characters at the same time, change the placement of each character, change their expressions and costumes, and save/load the scenes you have created.
Stamps, such as hearts and other patterns, have been added to allow you to decorate your scenes.
Let's create your ideal scene and make snapshots!

※All Bishojo characters are officially licensed for use in this game.
※All characters in this game are over 18 years old.



Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire PLUS

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Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire PLUS

"Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire" the solitaire game with Klondike rules, is now available in a powered-up version! Play solitaire against 11 beautiful girls, from cool beauties to tsundere ladies!

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Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic!


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낙화 -falling flower-

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