Mystery Lover Nonexistent Truth

'Love Tales: The Nonexistent Truth' is a text adventure game. Throughout the game, the story will reach different endings based on the player's choices.

Visual Novel
Never Knows Best
Never Knows Best

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Exquisite illustrated CGs

400,000 characters of text

Fully voice-acted dialogues, with a total playtime of approximately 14 hours

Game Background 

Do you know the commonalities between 'truth' and 'mystery'?

If ten million people believe it, a lie becomes the truth.

If users believe it, hope becomes a mystery. 

Game Introduction 

A poor transfer student, a high school sophomore girl aspiring to be a journalist, and a college student running a personal internet media channel are connected by investigating the "8-Hour Queue at the Milk Tea Shop" incident.

This event isn't just for internet traffic; there's a mysterious power hidden behind it.

The prologue of the story begins in autumn.

As winter approaches and the investigation progresses, the three characters grow closer.

Hidden truths, the power of mystery... A love story full of mysteries unfolds in 《Tales of Love: The Truth That Doesn't Exist》.

Character Introduction 

Go Yoo 

"If I keep going like this, I'll eventually hate myself."

A student living in a small rented room at 33 Jangneung-ro.

On temporary leave from school for some reason, attends Apple Lake High School as a second-year student, older than other students.

Active thinker, dissatisfied with his current situation, wants to change his life.

Go Jin-jin 

A girl who wants to become a journalist and report the truth.

Skipped a grade and is now a sophomore at Apple Lake High School.

Lives alone in a 60-pyeong villa by the riverside due to busy parents.

Cute, kind, proactive, and values truth above all else.

in Muk 

A famous writer with posts exceeding 100,000 views.

A first-year student at Hwa Sa University.

Met Go Yoo while investigating the milk tea shop incident.

Seems to hide many secrets.

Values results over methods.

Go Wi 

"I always think, what part of a person do we love when we love someone?"

■■■■■ student, ■■■ infiltrated ■■■■,

■■■■■■■ friend.During the operation ■■■■■■■■■■■,

not ■■■■ identity ■■■■■ safe, ■■■■.There's ■■■■■■ of ■■■,

■■■ blocked ■■■■, ■■■ a fake marsh human ■■.

For ■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■■■, helping ■■■■■ to remember.

So Ban-ha

Investigated incidents with Go Jin-jin and Jong Je-bok during the first-year summer break, attended school in the US for the second year.

Regularly participates in non-daily club activities via video calls, planning to return by the end of the year.

Seeks to find her 'lost things.'   

Jong Je-bok

Knows details of dozens of 2D mobile games.

A second-year student at Apple Lake High School.

Comes from a Taoist temple, participates in temple activities nationwide instead of parents.

Claims to be an atheist.Values friendship, nocturnal, a reliable ally in crisis.


A famous virtual idol on G-Site. Obsessed with urban legends, introduces and explains rare legends.

No one knows Hitomi's true identity. Official description: "Tommy is Tommy."

Broadcasting Rules: 

We welcome fans who enjoy our work to stream and upload videos on various platforms. 

However, uploading full gameplay videos without commentary is prohibited.



연애기담 - 존재하지 않는 여름

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연애기담 - 존재하지 않는 여름

대로변의 그늘 아래, 정체불명의 존재가 꿍꿍이를 꾸미고 있다. 극도로 평범한 학생 구위는, '비일상부'의 일원으로, 여자친구인 소반하와 '가상 아이돌 실종 사건' 루머를 조사하기 시작한다. 도시 괴담을 다루는 의문의 방송, 폐허 같은 주택가, 두 사람 앞에는 어떤 것이 기다리고 있을까

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Mystery Lover Collection


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Mystery Lover Collection

This Collection includes Mystery Lover Nonexistent Summer & Mystery Lover Nonexistent Truth

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