The Awakener: Forgotten Oath

The Awakener: Forgotten Oath is a rogue-like action game with a highly flexible combat system. ACT and Rogue-like lovers will embark on a thrilling adventure in a magical world called Sylvalond.

Action, RPG
Gamera Games

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About this Game

The Awakener: Forgotten Oath is a highly flexible rogue-like action game, players will act as the Awakener summoned by the Twelve Gods of Therad, and experience exciting battles from a third-person perspective. It’s up to you to decide how you will respond to the battles in this decaying world. Enhance your abilities through battles and death, defeat the slaves of Chaos and stop the Demon Lord from reviving.

"Sylvalond" is a world filled with magical mysteries, the first Gods created the land called "Lucatia".
To stop disasters from spreading, Gods curtained off the surroundings where disasters took place, and pulled the world inside the curtains into another dimension called Nothingness.

The Therad Gods summoned Awakeners to the Nothingness to eliminate demons from the disasters, and since then, the world fell into endless battles. Players will explore the dungeon from a third-person perspective and use various combat styles such as swords and magic to eliminate the demons.


Stop Annihilation and Save your Partners
As the Chosen One, you will operate multiple awakened adventurers to crusade against creatures and demons from all over the world in the spaces formed in the Nothingness.
Free your fellows summoned by the Gods and expand the adventurers available so you can recruit more characters. These characters may have different occupations but what they have in common is the identity as an Awakener. The supreme gifted Awakeners with special abilities, which may make a difference at critical times and will accompany them through this bumpy ride.


Power of God and Holy Relics
God’s pieces left by the stars of Therad, holy relics containing god’s power will only answer the Awakeners. Charge your weapons using different powers from different Gods to bring unique flavors to your adventure.


Heroes of the past and Artefacts
Weapons and equipment owned by a certain hero in the past can be summoned to become your artefact. Use a special ability from the equipment to assist your battles. Could this cannon be a certain pirate hero’s belonging?

Epic Battles and Endless Reincarnation

Death isn't everything, and the Twelve Gods of Therad won’t let you go so easily. However each revival will cost you the loots you’ve worked hard for.
You will gain new experiences and stories through entering and dying in the Nothingness again and again. These battles formed your strong mentality. Together with forever-growing talents and awaken abilities, maybe next time the Demon Lord will be lying next to you. 




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