Phantom of the Twilight

Enjoy a sweet romance with vampires in this otome novel adventure.

Visual Novel
Lumiere Entertainment Inc.
Lumiere Entertainment Inc.

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Step into 19th-century London during a dazzling technological revolution.

As Lady Lucy of the Lindere family, you discover a gruesome murder in your estate.

The body found in a pool of blood belongs to Mary, a maid who had grown close to you over the years.

Shocked by her sudden death, Lucy, accompanied by her loyal butler, Charlie, sets out to find the culprit.


"Phantom of the Twilight" is a visual novel adventure game.

Players take on the role of the protagonist, Lady Lucy Lindere,

choosing options throughout the story to increase affinity with the three main characters, unlocking individual stories and multiple endings.

At the start of the game, players can input a desired name for the heroine to personalize their experience.

Enjoy high-quality illustrations, graphic presentations, fully voiced scenes, and immersive BGM soundtracks.

You can view the collected CGs, videos, and BGM in the Special section.


Charlie, Your loyal vampire butler at the Lindere family, (CV. Kim Myung-jun)

Charlie is the epitome of a competent and loyal butler, bound by a blood contract with the Lindere family.

Always courteous and logical, he can also be intimidating.

However, in Lucy's presence, his usual demeanor falters, showing his absolute devotion to her.

“Please don’t provoke me too much. Once I lose my sanity, you’ll end up pleading with me in tears.”


Aaron Bailey, A cold but kind-hearted detective at the London Metropolitan Police (CV. Seok Seung-hoon)

Aaron Bailey is known for his diligence and strong sense of responsibility.

Revered as a guardian of peace, he passionately pursues justice.

However, facing a brutal series of murders, he confronts his own limits.

Lucy appears as a savior in his turmoil, and he can't help but grasp her offered hand.

“I swear on my honor, I will catch the culprit who harmed your loved one.”


Harvey Ross, An elite professor of criminal psychology at King's College (CV. Jeong Eui-taek)

Professor Harvey Ross is renowned for his intellect and popularity. Unbeknownst to many, he is a vampire who has abstained from blood for a long time. Despite assisting the police with complex cases, he remains detached from society. That is, until he encounters Lucy's irresistible blood.


Felix Cole, A patissier crafting sweet desserts (CV. Ryu Seung-gon)

At 721 Laker Street, Felix Cole runs Café Amorce, known for its delicious desserts.

As the heir to the Cole family, suppliers to the Lindere family, Felix excels in his craft, constantly creating new desserts.

His happiest moments are when Lucy enjoys his creations.

“I love seeing your expression when you eat my desserts. It makes everything worthwhile.”

  • Fans of well-structured otome games with a strong narrative
  • Those who enjoy vampire-themed stories
  • Enthusiasts of Victorian-era settings
  • Players looking to experience romance with charming characters
  • Fans of female-oriented visual novels
  • Those seeking sweet, romantic simulation games
  • Players interested in exploring multiple endings based on their choices



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