Develop your own transport network in various countries and cities.

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Develop your own transport network in various countries and cities: open new routes, buy new planes and upgrade them, increase capacity of the airports!

Control the passenger flow!

The game features an advanced passenger flow system. All the cities are real, and their population is like in their real analogues. The more population is the more people would like to fly somewhere. Each passenger has their own destination and they’ll fly with transfers if there’re no direct routes. You won’t have enough money to connect each city to all the other cities, so you’ll have to analyze the situation and make decisions about where the transport hub is going to be situated.Just like planes, airports have their maximum capacity. You’ll lose even if one of them gets overloaded.

The whole world is your playing field!

Almost 200 countries and tens of thousands of cities all around the globe are available to you! You can build an airport in each city and begin transporting passengers. Different locations mean that you’ll have to adapt: while in Europe distances are small and it’s very easy to manage your network there, you’ll have to think about connecting distanced cities because the longer the route is, the more you’ll have to pay for opening it.

Different game modes – “Unlock all countries” and Challenges

Your task in “Unlock all countries” is to open every country in the world (it will cost you in-game money to unlock each of them) and cover the whole planet with your network. It is necessary to unlock a new country each 6 minutes, or you’ll lose.Challenges are various scenarios with certain pre-set conditions and goals to reach. For example, to survive for some period of time or to earn specific amount of money. Each challenge is unique: in some of them you’ll have to quickly connect constantly unlocking airports, while in the other – to rebuild your network due to coronavirus outbreak in a country.

Random events won’t let you get bored

Sometimes, random events will occur. They can be positive (investments into your company, for example), negative (disasters blocking flights to some countries or from them), and even ridiculous (a businessman sued you because of spilled coffee in turbulence zone). You don’t know what to expect.

Compete with other players!

Each challenge has a high score table. Points are added for transporting passengers, earning money and buying infrastructure. Try to become the best!

Create your own scenarios in the Editor and publish them, or play hundreds of scenarios created by other players!

The game has a feature-rich Scenario Editor. Anyone can create and upload their scenario to the server or play scenarios created by others — there's an unlimited amount of new content.



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Develop your own transport network in various countries and cities.

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