Morbid: The Seven Acolytes

Morbid: The Seven Acolytes is a Horrorpunk Action RPG filled with Lovecraftian horrors and Cronenbergian gore, making it the most gruesome take on the isometric Souls-like genre yet!

Action, Adventure, Horror
Still Running
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Morbid: The Seven Acolytes 购买

₩ 26,000


Morbid Series Collection

₩ 53,000


You are the last surviving Striver of Dibrom.

Your duty, for which you have trained your whole life, is to defeat the Seven Acolytes, accursed and powerful beings, possessed by malevolent deities called Gahars. 

Experience epic bosses and a multitude of bloodthirsty encounters as you build your character.

Challenging foes, mini-bosses, and memorable large-scale boss fights with fully orchestrated music, are central to the world of Morbid.

To overcome these obstacles you must master the combat, as well as improve your character and gear through a wealth of elements such as Quests, Perks, Runes, Upgrades, and Looting.


Explore the diverse fantasy world of Mornia abundant with deep and immersive lore.

The Gahars have bound their twisted minds to the flesh of the Seven Acolytes, for without hosts they cannot survive.

You must slay the Acolytes, thus ridding the Gahars of their flesh.

Succeed, and you'll free the kingdom from the heavy yoke of their terror.

Fail, and the malicious gods rule on, as the Acolytes rise anew, and madness prevails.

Features Overview
-Experience epic, brutal boss encounters and explore a diverse array of environments
-Perk levelling system with multiple ways to build your character
-Deep, immersive lore with NPC's to meet throughout the world
-Over 25 Unique Melee Weapons, such as Swords, Axes, Maces, Spears, Two-Handers, as well several guns ranging from Pistols, Shotguns and Rifles
-Epic fully orchestrated soundtrack comprising of 18 tracks
-Health, Stamina and Sanity management is important as you traverse the world



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Morbid: The Lords of Ire

₩ 27,000

Morbid: The Lords of Ire

Risk insanity in the gruesome slash-em-up Morbid: The Lords of Ire, with brutal combat and souls-like elements. Defeat the five Lords of Ire as you fight for your life across tortured landscapes, rending the evil Gahars of their flesh-bound forms.

Action 3D Single-Only
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Morbid Series Collection

₩ 53,000

Morbid Series Collection

This Collection contains Morbid: The Seven Acolytes and Morbid: The Lords of Ire

Action 3D Single-Only
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