Love n War Collection

Warlord by Chance is a tactical RPG. Your destiny is to become a warlord. Build your economy, recruit gorgeous heroic girls, upgrade units, and immerse in stimulating love tales. Stand, Fight and Create your own dynasty, my lord.

Strategy, RPG, Simulation
Reborn Entertainment
Reborn Entertainment

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Love n War: Warlord by Chance

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Wandering around town without any clear purpose, you are suddenly approached by an attractive female general and given an important task left by the father you never knew: You are to become a warlord and take his place. Threatened by an expansionist Empire in the North, you must find more gorgeous… and…, of course, talented female warriors that can help lead you to victories!

Take your rightful claim:

- Many beautiful girls with different roles, ranks, and passions
- Recruit and secure the loyalty of the heroes by exploring their own tales

- Branching story, resource management & upgrades

- Duel defense battles, ambushes, and more

Game Features:

- Many gorgeous girls with eye-candy Live2D animations that blow your heart away

- Japanese voice-over for all the ladies

- Many intense and strategic battles to fight

- Engaging plot with twists and turns

Yuna : General

A Samuyure values honor above all else. She fights for glories and glories alone. If you want Yuna to submit to your will, my lord, you have to prove your superiority, a thing you are destined to possess.

Ah Cy : Military Advisor

She is elegant, intelligent, and ambitious. Ah Cy will do whatever it takes to achieve her purpose and only the ultimate warlord deserves her attention. Can you capture her love and devotion?

Khulan : Grand Marshal

The dreadful nomadic horsemen bring fear across the land and Khulan is the leader of these valorous warriors, so you can imagine what you are up against now. However, the rewards for defeating her are quite substantial.

And More

There are other great personalities to explore as you will encounter more warriors coming from different backgrounds: mercenary, barbarians, assassin, and so on. You’d better hope you can handle them all!