You'll need to lead a squad of three corpses to explore the grim and dark medieval world within limited time, build a powerful army of the living dead, and finally kill the demon lurking in the deep end of the cathedral.

Action, RPG, Strategy
Melancholia Studio
Thermite Games

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Corpse Keeper




Corpse Keeper is a very challenging action RPG with tons of strategy elements. You'll need to lead a squad of three corpses to explore the grim and dark medieval world within limited time, acquire resources and equipment, build a powerful army of the living dead with enemies' flesh and bones, and finally kill the demon lurking in the deep end of the cathedral to hunt his soul.

The battles in Corpse Keeper contain not only realistic sword fighting, but also dashing and gorgeous skills. Parry, dodge, or roll - cope with different attacks in various ways. Observe and master your skills duzring combats and keep confronting stronger opponents.

A wide collection of characters:

Dozens of playable characters, each with a large number of well-designed and extremely vigorous attack actions.

Decay system:

You are controlling corpses of flesh and bones sticked together with black magic. Every exploration increases the decay of the body. The dead warrior collapses when the decay reaches 100%. The increase in decay is irreversible and you can only reduce the increase by applying "preservatives". Be aware of the team selection ahead of every run!

Roster building:

You'll constantly lose your warriors due to the decay process. But on the other hand, you'll be able to create new corpses with flesh and bones of the defeated enemies. This means that you won't be able to lay back and win easily with the same team over and over again. In order to lead the team forward, you will have to adapt to changes and achieve dynamic balance.

Resource management:

There're all kinds of resources to accquire in Corpse Keeper, which are essential for exploration. However, you can't always have it all. You need to understand what's really urgent and make your choices accordingly.Unforseeable adventure:You will encounter not only enemies but also facilities to aid you, and make you pay at the same time. Be aware not to backfire yourself by interacting in wrong scenarios.

Countless equipment:

Equipments offer not only boost to attributes, they also grant powerful specialties to your warriors. To make full use of the specialties, your lineup, enemy's attributes, the area and many factors are under consideration. Specialties may also affect the items and facilities you use.

Immersive atmosphere:

Six distinctive areas can be explored, offering a solemn and dark medieval fantasy landscape.  


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