We are Dotbox, developer of Ashi. We have prepared a long adventure with Ashi, with the hope of making fun, exciting game people can enjoy. Embark on the exciting journey with Ashi!

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Description du jeu

Ashi is a 2D hardcore plarformer, inspired by games like "Super Meat Boy" and "Celeste". 

The player will have to go through various hazards and traps and clear each stages.


The adventures of naughty boy "Ashi" when he accidentally falls into an unknown world.
And Ashi meets the treasure bead "Gooseul," which supports the life of the "Ju" country, one of the many countries there.

- Summary of "Ashi"
Using the power of the "bead" wakes up things related to the "Ju" country that fell asleep.
Awakened objects help and unintentionally interfere with the player through interaction.
Let's use these properly to overcome obstacles.

▶ Simple control: Simply move, jump, and use the power of beads.
▶ Stimulating the desire to challenge a difficult platformer
▶ Graphics and sound with an oriental vibe.
▶ Stories and characters like children's stories.


1. Using the power of the bead awakens the life of things around it.
Let's move through the map by interacting with the awakened lives.
▶ The power of the bead is the most important force for Ashi.
▶ This bead will help you get through the stage, and depending on how you use this force, you will be able to clear the stage easily.
▶ Conquer the power of bead with your sense of challenge and physical strength!

2. Oriental Style Pixel Art
▶ Oriental graphics and BGM will give you a dreamy atmosphere.
▶ You will be able to experience a mysterious and harmonious Korean style.
▶ If you enjoy the story and background like Korean classic fairy tales, you will understand Korea better.


3. High-Difficulty level design
▶ High difficulty levels you can only find in Ashi!
▶ The difficult level will stimulate your spirit of challenge and maximize the fun you can get through Ashi play.
▶ You have to clear the stage with a lot of gimmicks and traps,
and you will be able to overcome it with high concentration and physical strength.

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고난도의 플랫폼 게임을 좋아하는 분께 추천드립니다.

일부 플랫폼 게임처럼 날렵하게 휙 깨는 느낌보단,

맵 구조를 확인한 후 공략 방법을 계산해 실수없이 수행해야 되는 게임이라 도전하는 재미가 있습니다.

머리의 계산을 손이 얼마나 따라가는지 시도해보세요.

유디엠UDM님의 말씀 인정..
세아 세일 타임이라서 50% 할인해서 구매했는데...
거북이는 병신같아요.. 내손이 병신이죠 ㅠㅠ 그런데 거북이한테 화풀이.. ㅠㅠ
게임의 제목에 한 글자가 빠진 것 같...

상당히 고난도의 하드코어한 플랫포머 게임입니다.
기믹 자체는 직관적이지만 그 기믹을 활용해서 진행하는 과정은 고통의 연속..
웃긴 건 안 될 것 같은 데 계속 하다보면 되서
이게 더 화나는 거 같아요.
반대로 될 것 같은데 안 될 때는 키보드를 바꾸고 싶어지죠.
라이트한 게임은 아니지만 도전정신이 있는 플레이어라면 한 번 쯤 과감하게 츄라이츄라이.
저혈압이신 분들에게 강추 드립니다 :)
설마.. 난이도가.. 아씨X 인가요?ㄷㄷㄷ

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