Driftland: The Magic Revival

After a devastating war between ancient mages, a powerful spell is all that holds together the shattered planet of Driftland. Be a powerful mage capable of moving and connecting floating lands, and restore Driftland to its former glory!

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After a devastating war between ancient mages, a powerful spell is all that holds together the shattered planet of Driftland. Faced with the destruction of their entire civilization and life on the planet, the warring factions called a truce and tried to repair the damage – but it was already too late. By using all their remaining magic to cast a powerful spell, they managed to keep their world in relative balance.

Many dark ages passed, but when all seemed lost, a ray of hope emerged once more: new sources of magic appeared, and new mages were given birth to across the planet. Now, as the dormant conflicts once again surface, this rediscovered power will determine whether Driftland is restored to its former glory or wiped from the cosmos entirely.

You take on the role of a Mage Overlord with your own castle, tower, and a small realm on one of the landmasses. With your unique powers, you can explore a procedurally generated world and connect floating lands to expand your kingdom.

Gameplay focuses on setting general goals for all your units without the need to micromanage each of them. The warriors, archers, and mages under your command are able to tame and ride different kinds of flying beasts and create various aerial units.

- Procedurally generated world
- Resource- and magic-based economy
- Move and terraform scattered landmasses with magic
- Tame and ride dragons and other creatures
- Explore and fight on the same map
- Set goals instead of directly controlling units
- Single player campaigns

*STOVE version does not support multiplayer.

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세심한 조작보단 큼직하게 조율하는 RTS, '드리프트랜드 : 더 매직 리바이벌'

GameChosun 2021.11.05 19:14(UTC+9)

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게임성 자체는 나쁘지 않으나, 개인적으로 섬과 섬을 이어서 이동하는 플레이 방식이 처음에는 신선했지만, 뒤로 갈수록 루즈해지고 섬이 많아질수록 귀찮아집니다.

똑같은 게임 방식에서 섬이 아닌 통으로 된 필드 형태의 맵으로 하면 더 재밋을거 같습니다.
아니면, 섬 자체를 아예 붙여버리는 방식을 택하고, 상대 진영의 섬을 뻇어 와서 땅따먹기 형태로 가도 재밌을거 같습니다.

한..7~8시간 한거 같은데 1분 미만 플레이로 잡히네요.. 스토브 버그인듯?
흠.. 그래픽이 아쉽

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