Objects in Space

Objects in Space is a retro space game centred on 2D point-and-click stealth action in a massive open world. Players have their own customisable ships and can meet people, become a trader, bounty hunter, explorer, scavenger or all of them at once.

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You've been detected…
Your ship is exposed…
An alarm blares…
“Torpedo incoming!”

Objects in Space is an open world 2D stealth-action space trading game set in Apollo – a huge cluster of star systems dozens of lightyears away from Earth. You are a ship’s captain, buying and selling wares in order to keep your bucket o' bolts afloat and stay one step ahead of pirates, organised criminals, corrupt governments and shady laws.

A galaxy of characters await you in Objects in Space. The game focuses on a myriad of short stories rather than one main storyline with a hero’s journey, so it’s up to you how much or how little narrative you want in your game.

To make your money, there are over fifty employers and your reputation with each one will dictate how many passenger, cargo or bounty-hunting contracts are available to you. But be warned - failure to complete a contract might see your rep plummet with that employer. So when you get an SOS signal from a nearby ship but have a deadline to keep, what will you do?

Your ship is completely customisable down to the tiniest component of each module. If your battery dies, it’s your own fault. You decided to go with a cheap Ventarii battery in the first place, and it was out of your stubbornness that you bought a Connext Hap Node when the mechanic recommended a Xiao Sa brand model. Silly you.

You can play it safe in the central systems or design your ship with the ability to outrun, outfight or out-hide your opponents and make your fortune in the outer rims. But be careful! You are just as easily prey as predator in deep space…

Features List:

- Massive open world to explore full of NPCs to interact with
- Complex contract-based economic system with over 50 employers
- Time-based open world - opportunities, stories and events happen at certain times as well as certain places, so each play through will be different
- Tense submarine-influenced combat
- Fully customisable ships - design your vessel for combat, shipping, stealth and more
- Explore 12 hand-crafted populated star and 20 uncharted systems full of unknown threats and treasures
- Find derelict ships, wreckages, cargo pods and communication beacons adrift in space
- Be a trader, bounty hunter, explorer, pirate or all of them at the same time
- Sandbox mode - play the game without narrative content in an endless version of the game

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