Internet Cafe Evolution

This is a business simulation + construction game. It tells the evolution history of Internet cafes that began in the 1990s, and imagines the future of internet cafes. There are also some small emotional stories.

Simulation, Strategy, Casual
Tiny Flame Games
Tiny Flame Games
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-Build Your Internet Cafe-

Set up your own internet cafe and allocate all the slots, smoking areas, non smoking areas, and private spaces through partitions in a reasonable manner.

Partition walls can effectively block the impact between customers, but they also block the benefits brought by green plants.

Layout different ancillary facilities to meet the different needs of customers.


-Reasonably Configuring Computers-

Choose the appropriate computer configuration for your internet cafe, consider compatibility, and explore achieving the highest performance at the lowest price to meet the requirements of mainstream games in the current era.

Of course, you can also take the low-priced route, and everything is up to you to choose.

Also, with the development of the times, don't forget the hardware updates.


-Develop Business Strategy-

Through business data and financial statements, you can develop your pricing strategy and open up internet cafe membership.

You can also choose to collaborate with other game and computer hardware vendors to promote your internet cafe.


-Experience The Changes Of The Times-

At different times, you can see the popularity of different games.

You need to change your computer configuration and business strategy for these changes.

At the same time, you will also see internet cafe stories with unique characteristics of the times, receiving various target tasks.

I hope these contents can evoke our common memories.

-Call Your Internet Cafe Admin-

The highly valued internet cafe admin will accompany you.

You need to allocate their work reasonably, issue instructions in a timely manner, pay attention to their work status, and adjust their salary at the appropriate time.

As you gradually get closer, unexpected storylines will occur.


Over time, you can change your business direction, such as a pure gaming hall.

It has a completely different business logic from internet cafes.


You can also engage in live streaming business, even evolve into a pure live streaming company, discover and hire anchors, build live streaming rooms for them, and explore their expertise in live streaming.

You can also search for the best among the experts in the internet cafe.

Match their abilities to run an esports team with the goal of achieving higher honors.


Of course, if you want to transform into a KTV or private cinema, it is not impossible.

As long as you can adapt to the new business rules.

Internet Cafe Evolution will continue to evolve, providing you with the possibility of building an entertainment business empire.

-Subsequent Content Of The Game-

We will constantly update and expand the game content, but we cannot guarantee progress.

Although people are professional, time is spare time.

If you feel that the current content is worth the ticket price, then purchase one, and we greatly appreciate it.

If you think the appearance is still lacking, then wait a little longer.

Our income will also be invested again in enriching the content of the game.

Thank you all.

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