99 Waves is an action platformer roguelite game where you challenge the gods for vengeance. Defeat hordes of pouring enemies and 10+ bosses with your own build! Can you overcome all trials and become a legend?

Action, Casual, Platformer
코스노우 컴퍼니
코스노우 컴퍼니
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Break through waves of incoming enemies! 

99 Waves is an action platformer roguelite game where you grow stronger with your own build, breaking through waves one by one! 

Featuring 10+ bosses! 

We focused not only on the fun of relentless hack and slash against incoming enemies

but also on the thrill of boss raids, featuring 10+ bosses with various patterns! 

Unlock new heroes! 

The unlockable playable characters not only have different stats but also possess unique passive abilities

Get stronger in countless ways! 

Growth isn't just about leveling up. Clearing waves allows you to receive rewards from treasure chests!

Moreover, defeating special enemies enables you to obtain or enhance skills.

And don't forget, you can also purchase items from the shop!

Skill Evolution: Automation / Awakening 

When a skill reaches its maximum level, you can either automate it or awaken it.

That means you can wipe out even more enemies!

Let's start with some good weapons! 

You can draw weapons at the village inn! Challenge yourself to acquire legendary weapons!

Additionally, in the village, you'll find various NPCs such as the blacksmith who enhances weapons and the bartender who gives friendly tips!


A boy, vowing revenge against the god who burned down his village, grows up and faces the trial of 99 waves to challenge the god.

Can he overcome countless monsters, battle-hardened veterans, and mythical beings to reach the resentful god and become a legend?


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99 Waves 출시 안내

게임매니저 2024.04.16 13:00(UTC+9)

99 Waves 게임★커뮤니티 개설 안내

게임매니저 2024.04.11 13:41(UTC+9)

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99 Waves 섀도우 닌자 얻는 법과 보상 코드 적용 방법

hashiruka48 2024.04.17 18:45(UTC+9)

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