The witch and the bottle of concepts

The amnesiac witch picks up her reliable broom and embarks on a journey with Elf companions to defeat the Villain and regain their homeland, unveil the conspiracy. Through the magic mirror, break the 4th wall and find the truth!

RPG, Action
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The witch and the bottle of concepts

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Description du jeu

The witch's mage is to pick up the broom and hit hard!

A fantasy pixel-art Metroidvania game. With your reliable companion, discover the island and break the 4th mirror, find the truth under the meta mask!

Villains invade the island, and the only witch on the island has lost her memory and magic power?
You'll wield your broom to swat baddies hard, and the collector in your broom will charge up your partner to cast speciality spells.

In our fantasy pixel world, you can:
Explore the entire small island with your elf companion at a seamless map, cross fields of wheat and snow, climb the library and magic tower. 

Hit your enemies and Charge the magic power on your broom:
Will you use a sword or throwing knives? Magic balls are also good! Hundreds of abilities and combinations for you to build!

Together with the charming residents of the island, search for the secrets of the deserted island and uncover the truth behind the demon king! 


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마녀와 개념의 병 게임★커뮤니티 개설 안내

게임매니저 2024.03.27 13:54(UTC+9)

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