3D, Third-person view Permadeath game - Clear through the obnoxious traps blocking your way!

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It's super simple.

Be a clumsy knight, and overcome the traps on your way!
However, it might not be as easy as it seems.

Will you be able to overcome the variety of traps, and terrains covered with annoying obstacles?

- Test your ability!

- Yes. We do have saves. But it's DISPOSABLE!!

- A game full of beautiful, up-tempo music and irksome traps!

- Don't you feel like you can do better next time, when you die?

- Tones of various traps will lead you to death!

- But... think of the excitement of victory, after overcoming those traps!

- Once you clear the game, try clearing with single try, or try time-attacking it!


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ALTF4 - 박탈감을 보는 맛에 대해

게임유저유형권 2023.01.29 16:09(UTC+9)

잠깐 찍먹했는데 상당히 스트레스받네요. 그렇다고 재미없는건 아님

DM늘보 2021.08.12 01:46(UTC+9)

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돌돌이?는 r키눌러서 기절?하면 피해지는거같고 닭으로안죽네요

세이브는 풍선 쏴맞춰서 간판 떨어뜨려야 되는데 일회용이고 한번죽고 한번 더죽으면 첨부터..

노래는 들을만해요 스트리머전용겜

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