The Book of Warriors

The Book of Warriors combines turn-based strategy and roguelite gaming in randomly generated maps. Players become heroic champions, experiment with diverse Sigil combinations, allocate resources strategically, and explore limitless possibilities.

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The Book of Warriors--Constant adventure,endless possibilities!


"The Book of Warriors" - A call to challenge and adventure, the hero's journey begins here.
This is a game that skillfully combines turn-based strategy with Roguelike elements.

In this world, fraught with danger and limitless opportunities, randomly generated maps act like military drills, where every step could be filled with unknowns and challenges.
In this world, you can fully enjoy a rich variety of game styles, finding pleasure in the shifts between war and peace.
Pick up your weapon, unfold your tactical map, and let us embark on a majestic adventure together in the world of "The Book of Warriors!"

🎮Strategy is key, experience the unique

Form a three-person team, and master endless battle strategies.

In a series of Boss challenges, you need to control your team, experiment with various sigils, and devise tactics.

The challenges and rewards of each round are randomly changing, and each game is a brand new adventure, keeping your gaming experience forever fresh.


🌟Diverse characters, unique skills

You can choose from the three factions:

Close-Combat, Mobile, and Long-Range, and select your role from Swordsman, Heavy Armor, Knight, Wanderer, Boxer, Cleric, Mage, and Archer.

Each character has unique initial skills that you can elevate to a whole new level, acquiring powerful advanced skills.

🔮Sigil System, Strategy Upgrade

Our sigil system offers 150 unique attributes and endless combinations of sigils, including 4 levels of sigils and 8 categories, suitable for all properties

-- from rare to epic, from legendary to double.

Whenever you defeat a boss, there is a chance to obtain randomly dropped nightmare sigils.

By cleverly merging multiple sigils, you can create a powerful double coat of sigils, which greatly expands the game's growth construction.

You only need to rely on your deep understanding and imagination of each profession and sigils to build a unique and powerful strategic policy.


💪Role-playing system, comprehensive enhancement

In our role-playing system, comprehensive enhancement is the key to creating a unique character.

We offer a wealth of character promotion paths through several dimensions--upgrade points, active skills, sigils, character talents, and items.

🗺️ Embark on an adventure, explore without boundaries

Diverse terrains, strategic as chess: On the battlefield, the grass is lush, venom proliferates, lava rolls, buildings stand tall, and the graveyard is silent.

These unique terrains are like the game's chessboard, waiting for players to challenge.

⭐Random Elements: Endless Fresh Challenges

The random elements integrated into the game make every challenge like a brand new adventure,

filled with unknown surprises and novel experiences, keeping the game constantly vibrant and fresh.


Pick up your weapons, lead your team, and create your own legend together in this mysterious world! The Book of the Brave is waiting for you!

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