Kingdom Two Crowns

In Kingdom Two Crowns, players must work to build their kingdom and secure it from the threat of the Greed. Experience new technology, units, enemies, mounts, and secrets.

Stumpy Squid, Fury Studios, Coatsink
Plug In Digital
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₩ 20,500

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*This is a DRM-Free available game. However, since it cannot count the users' playtime , the playtime will be displayed as less than a minute, regardless of the actual playtime.

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About Kingdom Two Crowns


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킹덤 투 크라운 Never Alone 업데이트 노트

STOVE인디 2021.05.06 15:44(UTC+9)

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[인디언즈] (쿠폰있음!) 킹덤 투 크라운 - 이것이 내 집 마련의 꿈....?

STOVE인디 2022.11.18 17:42(UTC+9)

방구석에서 직접 왕국을 운영해 볼 수 있다고? 전략 디펜스 게임 <킹덤 투 크라운>

연짜배기게임맛집 2021.04.02 17:03(UTC+9)

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킹덤 뉴 랜드를 하고나서 투 크라운이 있다는 걸 알고 사봤어요 멀티가 된다고 해서 빨리 사서 해봤는데 완전 꿀잼

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