Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire

Let's test your thinking skills! Here comes "Solitaire" with the Calculation rules! Clear the game by placing all the cards on the table in the specified order! Clear each difficulty level to get various outfits for the cute girls and change them!

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Zoo Corporation
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The "Pretty Girls" series has a new entry!
This time it's Solitaire with the “Four Kings/Calculation” rules.
Try each difficulty level to complete the special outfits of the beautiful girls!

◆ Solitaire
This is a solitaire game with the Calculation rules.
If you can place all the cards on the table in the specified order, you clear the stage!
However, if you don't consider the order in which the cards are placed on the field, you will not be able to move all the cards to the table.
The game also has a Help function, so even beginners can enjoy the game!

◆ The "KAWAII" girls await you!
There are a total of 8 characters in the game!
All characters are voiced!

◆ Characters
She's a spirited and cheerful woman. She's athletic and used to be a member of the cheerleading club.

A lively and cheerful woman. She is a sports instructor who likes to exercise.

An otaku-like shy college student. She is not a communicative person, but she talks a lot to people she gets to know.

A stoic and calm woman with a strong sense of justice. She fights day and night for the happiness of others.

A cat kemomimi girl. She's not good at expressing her emotions and doesn't talk much, but she's a good girl and a mascot.

The Great Sage of Healing. She has a vast amount of knowledge and is revered like a goddess by those who have received her treatment.

A rabbit kemomimi girl. She is shy and reserved, but talks a lot with people she likes.

An elven princess knight. She is strong-willed, dignified, brave, proud, and hardworking.

※All bishojo characters are used under official license.
※All characters in this game are over 18 years old.


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프리티 걸스 클론다이크 솔리테어 플러스 출시 안내

게임매니저 2023.12.26 15:50(UTC+9)

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심플하고 단순한 땅다먹기 게임 프리티 걸스 패닉

hashiruka48 2023.09.26 17:09(UTC+9)

생각보다 어려운 사천성

으쨩 2023.04.04 19:51(UTC+9)

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