Corrupted: Dawn of Havoc


A hardcore auto battle rogue-like deck-building (H.A.R.D) game, "Corrupted" has the strategy of an auto-battler and the challenging difficulty of a rogue-like.

Strategy, Simulation, Defense
36Litters Inc.
36Litters Inc.
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Corrupted is a real-time roguelike deckbuilding game that offers a unique fun of card play in real-time battles. In Corrupted, reclaim the research base from the mysterious alien parasites 'Corrupters' and their hosts 'Corrupted'! 

Placement Strategy - Corrupted inherits the placement strategy of autobattlers represented by TFT, AutoChess.
Considering the skills and abilities of threatening enemies, the characteristics of allies, and the tile movement system, you can lead any battle to your advantage.
The difference in just one tile's placement can lead the game to victory or defeat.

Real-Time Card System - Once the placement phase is over, characters proceed to battle automatically according to AI.
You can intervene in the battle in real-time using the 'cost' that recovers every time to play cards.
Appropriate for real-time characteristics, you can 'block skills' of enemies or deploy various techniques every moment through combinations of different card effects. 

Team-Based Deckbuilding System - Characters have a bunch of cards. Choose from 3 types and over 200 cards. The cards that appear change depending on the selected character.
You can build a deck that is relatively safe, aggressive, or doesn't directly attack.

Card Customizing - With a unique system called Exism, you can grant additional abilities to cards. Explore various decks through Exism.

Plugin System - It's an element that can fill the gaps in your deck and team or highlight strong elements. Sometimes it has a powerful effect that can completely change the fundamental team strategy. Challenge powerful enemies or meet unexpected fortune to strengthen your team.

More than 20 Random Events - Change the course of your progress through various events you encounter in the Unknown.

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