Memorial Circuit

<Memorial Circuit> is a Romance-Thriller Visual Novel based after 4 years of the Second Great War, where a mysterious and sinister project begins in a unknown laboratory of 'Plot Industry'.

Visual Novel
Studio Elysian
Studio Elysian
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After 4 years of The Second Great War, Lucas a scientist loses his medic wife, Hanah from the war. After his traumatic loss, the most powerful technology cooperation in the nation - 'Plot Industry' visits Lucas to scout him for their new project. Plot Industry offers him the role of Lead Engineer, together with a promise of his wife's resurrection.

He participates in a classified project, replicating a dead's memory into a mechenical shell to revive them.  After Years of hardwork, Lucas and his crew manages to revive his wife from death. But Hanah shows an unexpected side effect of memory loss. Lucas falls into dilemma if the Hanah he revived is actually his wife as she is physically and mentally not the Hanah he used to remember. As he questions the painful reality, he encounters sinister truths and threats hidden behind this operation.


 - Fully Dubbed Character Voices

 - Original OST

 - Over 20 pieces of In-game CG Illustrations


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