Bus World is a game about passenger transportations in various conditions: from standard routes to emergency situations.

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Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukrainian SSR, 1986

This game features the unique possibility to take a look at Pripyat, Chernobyl and the surroundings of the infamous Nuclear Power Plant just before the disaster and to dive into the atmosphere of Soviet communism. We have tried to make the Chernobyl Zone look as realistic as possible by using maps, photos and videos, so that houses, key locations and roads are in the same place as in reality. You are going to work as a standard bus driver before the explosion. Your goal is to deliver staff to the Power Plant, get tourists to their destination points, and so on. Also, you’ll have to deal with difficulties such as breakdowns.Everything changes when disaster strikes. You’ll see the destroyed 4th power unit, Red Forest and other famous places of Exclusion Zone. Help the clean-up personnel address the impact of the catastrophe, take part in the evacuation and do your best not to get a large dose of radiation.

Southern China, our days

Welcome to sunny jungles and narrow roads on hair-pin bends! But don’t lose your focus because the weather might be cruel here. You are going to experience tsunami and floods, an earthquake with rockfall, and even a deadly tornado! It’s really hard to drive as there are lots of sharp corners, cliffs and impassable roads.

Iceland, our days

Iceland is a unique place, the land of ice and fire. You will need to face local natural phenomena, like volcanic eruption and geysers. The country is not densely populated, so the routes won’t be too crowded. 

Maximal Scenarios variety

There are three types of scenarios:1. Standard scenarios about driving people to their destination.2. Scenarios with breakdowns.It's hard to keep up with the schedule when the engine is overheating and you constantly have to cool it down by turning it off. Sometimes the terrain may be of use as in the scenario where the bus has to reach the fueling station with a limited amount of fuel. Turn the engine off while driving down the cliff to save the precious gas.3. Disasters, from the explosion at the Chernobyl Power Plant to wildfires, earthquakes and tornadoes.You’ll always have to keep an eye on the tornado in order not to end up going straight into it. And the tough roads don't make it easier! After the Chernobyl Power Plant disaster, help the clean-up personnel find the most radioactively contaminated spots in the Red Forest. But never forget that large radiation dose can be deadly for you.

Off-roading and rough roads

There are a lot of rough roads in the game, so expect a lot of off-roading and always keep an eye on the road! Driving into a pit or other obstacle at high speed will cause damage to the bus, and in peaceful scenarios, driving too fast on bad roads will lead to angry passengers.

Gain experience, unlock new scenarios, buses and upgrades

The more you play the more experience you gain, which allows you to level up. With new levels you will unlock new scenarios, vehicles and various modifications.


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버스 월드 게임★커뮤니티 개설 안내

STOVE인디 2023.07.18 13:57(UTC+9)

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