Lay down blocks, springs, cannons, umbrellas, use whips and alter the world!

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Out of the hamster wheel and into space, Pompom is on a mission to save his boy Hoshi from the claws of Captain Cat and his wicked crew. Chase down each of the Space Cat Pirates, building platforms as you go. Use whatever it takes: springs, whips, umbrellas, cannons... Nothing can stop Pompom!


One day Pompom was working up a sweat on his hamster wheel, when Hoshi the boy burst into the room, showing a hand of beautiful jewels that fell from the sky with a great ‘BOOM’. When suddenly, Captain Cat and his gang appeared and kidnapped the little boy through a portal to space. Now Pompom must go on an adventure to save his boy Hoshi from the eight Space Cat Pirates!


In a whole new kind of puzzle-action platformer, you do not control Pompom the hamster, but instead use your quick thinking to help him by placing and controlling platforms, obstacles and items around him. Analyze and use everything that comes your way: build bridges, place springs, prune vines... Be clever, be quick, be efficient. Travel through outer space to beaches full of flying fish, to ancient temples lost in the jungle, as you help Pompom outsmart his enemies and rescue his boy Hoshi from Captain Cat and his crew.


  • Play a platformer in a new way, moving not the character but the platforms.
  • Explore a beautiful tribute to the SNES classics and the 16 bits retro era.Adventure across 8 worlds in an epic space rescue: jump on flying fish, dodge nasty arrows, dispel vengeful spirits, swim past piranhas, battle flying saucers, and more.
  • Pompom defeats enemies and collects items, and you can use those items and interact with the world to get him to victory.
  • Use every item at your disposal: fly out of cannons, swing on ropes, slash vines, splash honey, freeze time and much more.

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시작할 때 그래픽 스타일을 고를 수 있어서 세심한 배려심이 느껴졌습니다. 저는 당연히 픽셀을 골랐지만요 ㅋㅋ

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