My So-called Future Girlfriend

This game is a male-oriented visual novel that features text, illustration, and voice.

Visual Novel
주식회사 테일즈샵
주식회사 테일즈샵
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Description du jeu

1. Overview

1) This game is a male-oriented visual novel that features text, illustration, and voice.
2) The game received an award from the 1st Visual Novel Competition.
3) The game centers around dating and carries an uplifting sensibility. The play time is around 5-6 hours.
4) Script Raeyoung / Director Zad / CG pokan / Yurin Voice Actor Yoon Ahyoung

2. Story

My life had only known solitude.
But one day, a strange girl suddenly came up to say hello.
"Nice to meet you!"
"I'm your girlfriend from the future!"
A story of the four days
with my 'so-called' future girlfriend

3. Staff

Script: Raeyoung
Director: Zad
Producer: Jeong Haegwon
Music: Yeonwool, Maneulham
Background: Studio NOVA
Voice Director: Lielle
Editor: Nyamiappa

Voice Actor Cast
Yurin - Voice Actor: Yoon Ahyoung
Casting & Directing: Lee Sanhwa

PV Vocal "To You of Tomorrow"
Music: Yeonwool
Lyrics: Ttakjeongbeollae
Vocals: Riri

Localization & Global Publishing: Digicon

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