Psycho Jirai In Love

A dating sim for a loner!

Visual Novel
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Description du jeu

"Hey... What's the lunch menu for today?"

With that one word, our love began.

A, an ordinary loner who is not good at anything, has never spoken to a girl in his life.

Then Ryu Sun-ah gave him a warm greeting for the first time, and A thought he wanted to be with her forever.

A, win Ryu Sun-ah's heart!

-----------------About the game-----------------

The game is played in three parts: the beginning, the middle, and the end.

The user has four conversations with Sun-ah in each phase, and Sun-ah asks questions related to her once.

The user answers the questions based on the information obtained from the previous conversation with Sun-ah, and the interest increases if it is correct and decreases if it is incorrect.

Depending on the interest, the ending is determined in the last phase, and various CGs and illustrations are available.

Select: Right-click

Proceed with dialogue: right click, scroll down mouse, enter key

Rollback: Scroll over the mouse (Caution: Rollback may cause errors)

Image skip: Keyboard ESC key

-----------------How to play-----------------

Answer Sunah's questions through the choices and increase the interest. 

A dating event will be held at the end of each of the four questions, and various endings will be available depending on the interest level on the last date.

The game is fixed at a resolution of 16:9 for optimum play.

Please note this when adjusting the resolution.

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재미있게 플레이 하겠습니다~

독특한 연출이 있어 기대되네요!

emoticon image

emoticon image

제작자께 감사드립니다.

상당히 딥 한 내용의 게임이네요

저는 재미있게 플래이 했습니다. 

감정 이입을 시키는게 관건이였을 것 같은데 

잘 만든 게임인 것 같아요.

원스토어에만 올라와서 몰랐는데, 여기에도 올렸었군요! 유진게임즈는 원스토어에 게임이 올라서 종종 해봤었는데, 여기에서 다양한 게임을 올리니 반갑네요.

스토리 기대가 되네요

싸이코 지뢰 여자!

무료인데 더빙까지?! 재미도 있는데 이걸 안한다구요?

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