Love in Login (Secret Plus)


An in-game friend you stumble upon IRL happens to be an SSS rank heroine?

Visual Novel
메타크래프트, Onfire Games
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Description du jeu

*Love in Login - Secret Plus Edition includes writing and art designed for adult players. 

About the game

Love in Login stars our game-addicted protagonist, Seong-hyeon Gwon, and his in-game friend, Da-hye Park, who is online all day, every day. These two gamers, who once thought gaming was everything in life, are forced to face the world outside the computer screen. Our two main characters are thrown into adult life to balance jobs, games, relationships, and their own upbringings. Will they be able to come to terms with each of these difficulties and grow closer together?


On one rainy day, Seong-hyeon Gwon, a member of the business team at a gaming company, waits at a café near his work to sign a contract with the winner of a fan art contest. That’s where he meets Da-hye Park for the first time. After signing the contract, the rain starts to come down even harder, so Seong-hyeon decides to share his umbrella and escort Da-hye home. When they arrive though, they find that her apartment is totally flooded...


After some thought, he decides to bring Da-hye back to his place since she has nowhere else to go...


“You can’t be serious! The online gamer bro I’ve known for eight years is actually a hot chick? With the username ‘Flute Fiddler,’ how is that not a dude?!”

Without choice, he takes her to his home...

“An online friend I've been known for 8 years is actually a hot girl?

your ID's JERKLORD. I thought you were a dude!!!"


Game Features

- Based on the original web novel The Chaste Love of Two Failed Gamer Roommates? (게임 폐인 동거녀와 순애는 어떠신가요?), which currently has over 1.4 million views 

- The original work was the #1 most-viewed romance web novel on the monthly billboard of its host sight Novelpia

- Immerse yourself in the story by playing various minigames that follow the action of the plot and enjoy the professional illustrations

- From the team at Onfire Games, developer of the hit game Love Delivery


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Critique du jeu

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몇번을봐도 새드 엔딩 해피 엔딩 브금 조화는 진짜 눈물이 날 수 밖에 없네 다혜가 행복했으면

러브딜리버리2 산거 환불좀 해줘라 좀

아ㅏ아아아ㅏㅇㅇ 더줭ㅇㅇ딜리버리처럼 애프터 더줘ㅓ

러브인 로그인은 차기작이 좋게 나오길 기대합니다!

emoticon image

emoticon image

차기작이 기대될 만큼 잘 만든 게임

위아래로 상당히 많이 울었습니다.

러브 딜리버리를 플레이하고 엄청난 여운과 감동을 안겨다주고 이런류의 미연시는 안하기로 다짐했었다.  아

누군가 나에게 물었다. 연애가 뭐냐고
나는 커플이 못 됨으로 잘 모른다고 대답하였다.
러브 딜리버리와 러브인로그인을
플레이하고 있었다.
저녁녘 방 안에서
홀로 러브인로그인을 하며 생각나고 있었다.
그런 내가
엄청난 찐따같아도
순하고 명랑하고 맘 좋은 다혜가
있으므로 나처럼 사는 사람들이
그런 사람들이
이 세상에서 가장 행복하고
고귀한 육수이고
영원한 씹덕이고
다름아닌 솔로라고

라떼야 미안하다

추천해드리진 않음. 저는 개폭풍 할인 1200원인가 에 사서 괜찮지만

그렇지 않다면 딱히..플레이 타임도 그렇고, 영화 한편 정도의 느낌입니다 

Défis de ce jeu 15


저보다 얘가 더 비싸요

다혜의 노트북이 위험해! 클리어

눈 빠지는 줄 알았네

다혜의 집을 같이 청소해볼까? 클리어


잠에 빠진 트북이를 깨우자 클리어

이 집은 무료로 해줍니다

다혜와 함께 컴퓨터를 조립하자 클리어

사진. 곤란.

간다… 제로의 영역 클리어

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