All of us are dead

Our school has been infested with zombies, and we are still alive. Every day, our hopes of escaping this school become less and less likely, but we are still alive. Follow us as we try to survive and escape our zombie-filled school.

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🧟싸늘한 양호실... 누군가 흘리고 간 명찰이..📛

🧟‍♀지.우.학 소개 영상 보고 갈까요?🧟‍

🧟‍♀집마 홀릭


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All of Us are Dead - The Visual NovelAn interactive, visual novel based on the hit webcomic series.

◆ Story 

Summer. July. Zombie virus breaks out in Hyosan High. Friends and teachers become infected, and many can't bring themselves to take down the infected. They were friends and teachers, after all. Soon, the entire school is infested with zombies with no way of escape. 

Experience the struggles of ordinary students as they juggle extraordinary challenges. Join the jocks as they face overwhelming odds while fighting for their survival. Be wary of the terror that lies within the school for zombies were not the worst of their troubles. See how each and every one survives in their own, unique way.

◆ All of Us are Dead: The Visual Novel

 - Based on the hit webcomic of which the live-action drama series 'All of Us are Dead' is based on. Discover wholly new content untold in other adaptations! 

- All new events, endings, and more! Watch where your decisions take you and see how they unfold.

◆ Artworks 

- All new character artworks are made to reflect every character's individual personality. 

- Persistent artwork. Any encounters or events that affect the character persist in the artwork, even as the story progresses!

◆ High Quality Illustrated Events

- 100+ high-quality illustrations for maximum drama.

- Animated events!

◆ Fully voiced in Korean

- 12+ hours of fully voiced scenarios.

- Voice-over

Lee Bohee, Park Seongyeong, Ryu Seung Gon, Lee Kyung Tae, Song Harim, Mun Yujeong, Kim Na Yul, Seo Da Hye, Kang Si Hyun, Ahn Hyomin, Kim Young Sun, Kim Hye Sung, Jang Mi, Choi Seunghun, Jang Ye Na, Shin Beomsik, Park MinGI, Bang SiU, Kim Jin Hong, Lee Eun Jo, Jung Eui Jin, Lee Myounghwa, Sung Ye Won, Jung Ui Taek


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<지금 우리 학교는> DLC 구매 오류에 관한 안내

STOVE인디 2023.08.10 15:32(UTC+9)

7월 10일 업데이트 내역

IKINAGAMES 2023.07.11 11:30(UTC+9)

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[지금 우리 학교는] 그날 그곳에는 삶과 죽음 그리고 아이들이 있었다.

LadyCALLA 2023.06.02 00:40(UTC+9)

지구가 죽으면 달은 누굴 돌지?: ⟪지금 우리 학교는⟫ 리뷰

pillowsurfer 2023.05.31 06:34(UTC+9)

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드라마 재미있게 봤는데 게임도 기대되네요!

웹툰으로 접하고 드라마도 보고 구매해서 초입만 봣다. 할시간이 있으면 끝까지할텐데. 그래도 실망시키지 않을 것 같은 퀄리티.

웹툰하고 드라마 보고 플레이 해볼려고 합니다.

동명의 웹툰이자 흥행한 드라마인 '지금 우리 학교는'의 게임입니다. 성우들의 뛰어난 연기가 게임에 몰입감을 높힙니다. 다만 웹툰 배경이 오래전이라 대사가 다소 올드하며, 분기점의 경우 게임의 전체 스토리를 바꾸기 보단 IF 느낌으로 짧은 엔딩이 나오고 끝나는게 아쉽습니다.

성우들 연기와 일러스트가 좋아서 놀랐음

이것도 해봐야 하는데 시간이 없다..

게임은 재미있는데 마지막 장면 이해가 안가요

웹툰도 드라마도 재미있게 보고서 구매함.

더빙도 잘 되어 있고, 스토리 찬찬히 보는데, 나름 괜찮음.

반은 팬심도 있겠지만, 나름 잘 뽑힌 거 같음.

무지성 구매 ㅎ

어여해야하는데. 시간이 없다 ㅠㅠ...

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