Valfaris is a heavy metal infused 2D action-platformer

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Description du jeu

Summary of Valfaris

Set in a far corner of space, Valfaris is a heavy metal infused 2D action-platformer and the next game from the team behind Unity Awards finalist, Slain: Back From Hell. 

Brutal combat. Deadly enemies. Stunning pixel art. Savage soundtrack. Get ready to rip the galaxy a new wormhole.

About Valfaris

Recently Updated - Full Metal Mode

Valfaris’s take on New Game +. Restart with your entire collected arsenal and upgrades to face off against more difficult enemies,

battle buffed bosses encounters, and seek out the new Destroyer class weapon! 

After mysteriously vanishing from galactic charts, the fortress of Valfaris has suddenly reappeared in the orbit of a dying sun. Once a self-contained paradise, the grandiose citadel now plays host to an ever-growing darkness.

Therion, a fearless and proud son of Valfaris, returns to his home to uncover the truth of its doomed fate and to challenge the arcane evil at its very heart.

Key Features

  - Skulls in space! Gore in space! Metal in space!

  - Savagely reduce foes to piles of gibs with an array of brutal weaponry

  - Explore a diverse range of tainted environments as you venture ever deeper into the
    dark world of ValfarisDominate ranks of deadly enemies and bosses, from the weird
    to the grotesque

    (and some that are just grotesquely weird)

  - Gorge your eyes on devastatingly awesome pixel art hand-crafted by Andrew Gilmour

  - Feel the power of a seismic soundtrack by extreme metaller and former
    Celtic Frost guitarist, Curt Victor Bryant

  - Forged from the ground-up by the team behind cult hit Slain: Back From Hell

Get ready to rip the galaxy a new wormhole!


“A near-perfect 2D action platformer with an excellent sense of style in every aspect”
9/10 – Cubed3

“Whether you like heavy metal or not, Valfaris presents a package that’s worth your attention... relentless, in-your-face, non-stop action”
8/10 – Pure Nintendo

“Exactly what we dreamed 16-bit gaming would grow into back in the day”
4/5 – Hardcore Gamer 

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거친 외형 속 친절함 돋보이는 런앤건 플랫포머 '발파리스'

GameChosun 2021.02.03 09:34(UTC+9)

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