Ember is a homage to classic role-playing games (RPG) that features a deep branching story, endless exploration across dynamic and living environments, a robust skill system, and an intricate crafting system.

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Game Description

About Ember

“Back in the earliest days, there was no sun and the world was dark. The heavens opened up and stars fell like beacons into the pitch black world, and they were known as “Embers”. Powerful and wise druids of a primordial race, “the Lightbringers," roamed the land searching for this luminous matter. They performed a ritual of awakening to call the “Embers” out of their deep sleep. Suddenly the world became bright, and the veil of darkness was lifted. The Embers were the embodiment of magical flame, light, and life, but as word spread about the sheer power of the Embers, they came to be hunted and captured…and so the War for Ember began…”

Gameplay overview
A passion project 10 years in the making, Ember is a homage to classic role-playing games (RPG). Enter the world of Ember as a resurrected “Lightbringer” summoned to protect the dying Embers as the world is on the brink of collapse. Beginning in the Deep Barrows, traverse vast environments divided between above ground and underground realms – ranging from lush forests to dry deserts and dark abysses – to reach the City of Light. See how the story unfolds through encounters with strangers by making pivotal decisions about your own destiny.

Key features
- Classic-style RPG with 30+ hours of epic adventure
- Epic storytelling filled with fascinating characters, lore, adventure, and humor
- Over 70 quests with diverse gameplay enabling players to choose their path
- Engaging party-based real-time combat system with tactical pause
- Over 65 combat skills for the player to use in customized battle party strategy
- Encounter hundreds of NPCs with their own tales to tell
- In-depth crafting system, from baking bread to forging magic weapons
- A seamless world with over 20 handcrafted environments and dark dungeons that are fully interactive and feature movable objects, weather changes and day / night cycles
- Adventure with different companions with their own backstory quests

Game Review

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한글화 해주세요..싸서 샀지만 제대로 게임을 해보고 싶어요

너무 싸서 안살수가 없자나... 이제 한글화좀 ??

왜 한글이 없어..?

아... 한글화 너무 마렵습니다 간절한 목마름!!!!

한글화 해주세요 ㅜㅜ

액션 CRPG를 좋아해서 기대하고 있는 게임 입니다. 다만 이 CRPG는 한글이 아니면 플레이가 힘듭니다. 스토리가 중요하거든요. 게임은 대략 플레인 스케이프 토먼트의 열화판입니다만 어디까지나 그 명작에 비해 그렇다는 것 입니다. 한글화만 되면 저렴한 할인가에 즐길만한 CRPG라고 생각합니다. 그러니 한글화를 해주셔야 합니다. ㅜㅜ

한글화가 되면 좋겠습니다

인간적으로 한글판이어야 하지 않습니까..영문버전을 가져왓네
헉 진짜 이것만 한국어 아니네요 505 게임즈 들여올때 같이 들여 온것 같은데
언어 확인하는걸 깜빡한 듯

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