Control Ultimate Edition

Winner of over 80 awards, Control is a visually stunning third-person action-adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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₩ 45,000

Game Description

Control Ultimate Edition

Control Ultimate Edition contains the main game and all previously released Expansions ("The Foundation" and "AWE") in one great value package.

A corruptive presence has invaded the Federal Bureau of Control…Only you have the power to stop it. The world is now your weapon in an epic fight to annihilate an ominous enemy through deep and unpredictable environments. Containment has failed, humanity is at stake. Will you regain control?

Winner of over 80 awards, Control is a visually stunning third-person action-adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Blending open-ended environments with the signature world-building and storytelling of renowned developer, Remedy Entertainment, Control presents an expansive and intensely gratifying gameplay experience.

Key features

Uncover the mysteries
Can you handle the bureau’s dark secrets? Unfold an epic supernatural
struggle, filled with unexpected characters and bizarre events, as you
search for your missing brother, and discover the truth that has brought
you here.

Everything is your weapon
Unleash destruction through transforming weaponry and telekinetic
powers. Discover new ways to annihilate your enemies as you harness
powerful abilities to turn everything around you into a lethal weapon.

Explore a hidden world
Delve deep into the ominous expanses of a secretive government
agency. Explore the Bureau’s shifting environments only to discover
that there is always more than meets the eye…

Fight for control

Battle a relentless enemy through exciting missions and challenging
boss fights to earn powerful upgrades that maximize abilities and
customize your weaponry.

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혼돈과 파괴의 결정체, 레메디식 어드벤처 '컨트롤'

GameChosun 2021.09.16 11:00(UTC+9)

Game Review

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뛰어난 그래픽과 연출, 액션이 가미된 AAA급 게임. SCP와 같은 미스테리한 세계관도 잘 구성되어 있다. 다만 초반부터 본인들의 세계관을 늘어놓다보니 스토리 이해가 잘 되지 않았다. 그리고 기본 게임 사양도 높고, 게임 용량만 50기가 가까이 되기에 사양이 낮은 컴퓨터에서는 돌리지않는 것을 추천한다.

재미있어보여 할인때 구매는 해놨는데.. 나중에 시간나면 헤볼예정...

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