Suicide Countdown: 7 Days

Only 7 days remain until death embraces you -- the everyday life of a young boy begins to distort little by little, unfolding into a bizarre and ghastly series of events... When fate comes knocking, will you have the courage to make a choice?

Visual Novel, Adventure, Horror
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"All humans are born from a warm, calm womb and also tend to return to that peaceful pre-life state."

This is a suspense style visual novel game, where players make choices that lead to different branching storylines.By collecting clues from multiple endings, players piece together a complete story.Unlike other games, no matter what the ending is, the protagonist will commit suicide at the end.Please remember that the character you play will die this thing, and then go to try to find meaning of your existence in these seven days.

The protagonist, Hanchuan, Assumed the position of monitor in the class.He is involved in a bizarre criminal case with the disappearance of a student in his class.The missing student is suspected to be a member of a counseling website, which gives the advice "better to die" to every counselor.With the aim of eternal peace, the site's followers gradually spread around Hanchuan.At the same time, criminals are also targeting Hanchuan and his friends.How will he save himself and the people who are important to him?

Fully voiced

More natural live2d effects

Branches seen will be recorded in the flowchart system

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