Now is not too late. Press ALTF4 twice.

Platformer, Action
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Game Description

ALTF42 is still a simple game. Just get to the goal beyond the traps.

The protagonist, Donkey, will face trials to restore the king who has turned into a chicken. Together, you will have to fight various emotions within yourself.

This game is a permadeath game.

In other words, saving is not supported. As you continue to play, you may feel like you'll do better.

No? Well, then there are also means available for cowards like you. Try purchasing items!

Just don't gamble like a coward!

What you need is reflexes and (mind) control.

Skulls that suddenly explode when you approach, police cars and flying sharks attacking from somewhere!

Exciting background music and various traps will lead you to death in various ways.

The thrill of overcoming the malicious traps

Think about the thrill you'll feel when you overcome the malicious traps and clear them.

I know I keep saying it, but various traps and giant bosses will endlessly await your arrival.

Have you cleared it to the end?

Then continue to challenge endlessly through the Siege Mode to prove your superiority over Donkeys from another dimension!

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