Chosun Zombie Defense


Chosun Zombie Defense is a stage-based zombie defense VR game where players eliminate the approaching zombies using weapons from the Chosun Dynasty era.

Geniesoft Inc.
Geniesoft Inc.
Ages 18+
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This game is still an early access version.

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Game Description

Chosun Zombie Defense is a stage-type zombie defense game in which players become exorcists and travel around  8 provinces nationwide in Korea in history to determine the cause of the zombie outbreak.

Through play, you can directly experience maps that reproduce old Korea and weapons used at the time, and you can enjoy killing zombies by using unique special abilities and ultimate weapons for each weapon.

How To Play

  • Use the unique abilities and the Ultimates of each weapon to strike down the zombies!
  • Use random skills that you can obtain after clearing a wave!

Game Objective

  • The goal of the game is to clear the stages while immersed in historical Korean locations filled with unique zombies.

Key Features

  • Relish the satisfaction of eliminating zombies by combining various weapons and skills.

Game Review

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