Unsouled is a 2D action RPG game requiring immense elaborate control. Take a break from repetitive attack and dodge action by challenging yourself with the world of Unsouled.

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Game Description

Fast-paced, stylish combat

Enemies in Unsouled react to every move you make.

Keep your guard up at all times as the slightest mistake will be met with relentless enemy attacks.

Expert controls and timing
Execute various skill combos and counterattacks for maximum damage.

Use the “Abyss” system to get a closer look at the game’s unique mechanics.

Players may be tempted to turn down the difficulty settings, but mastering true combat requires practice.

Chained attacks
Each skill combo in Unsouled have their own unique triggers.

Whenever using a skill, your character flashes for a brief second.

Use this opportunity to turn your initial strike into a deadly series of blows by performing one skill after another.

Learning each skill’s wind-down pattern is crucial to mastering chain attacks.

Combos aren’t the only tool under your belt.

The counterattack mechanics stay true to the high-risk, high-reward principle, allowing you to decimate multiple targets in one seamless attack when done correctly.

Mastering the chain-counterattacks is key to turning the tide on your assailants.

Interactive objects
Slamming an enemy against a wall, pushing them off the ledge, cutting a tree down to crush them,

or even bringing down a large object to create a makeshift bridge are but a few of many ways to overcome various obstacles and threats in the game.

Passive and Active Souls
You may come across special Souls as you fight and explore.

Passive Souls take effect immediately after being obtained, enhancing abilities, unlocking new skills, or upgrading existing ones.

Active Souls are manually activated through button interaction which can unlock skills normally reserved for bosses, and are used for combos as well as escaping from enemies.

Beautiful pixel art
"Travel across five distinct locations each filled with unique retro style visuals with enemies that are spooky and fun.
Each individual pixel is affected by real-time lighting, meaning, you can enjoy the rich, vibrant pixel graphics in all its glory!"


언소울드(Unsouled) 게임★커뮤니티 개설 안내

STOVE인디 2023.02.28 13:13(UTC+9)

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(스포주의) Unsouled 진엔딩 공략

덤비면문다고 2023.12.22 01:03(UTC+9)

Game Review

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키보드로는 무리가 있는 듯... 어렵네요

다크 소울 튜토리얼도 못 꺤 내가 꺨 수 있을까? 걱정을 하며 게임 플레이를 미루다가 몇개월간 미뤘네요...

이제 몇개월 정도 더 미루고 그떄 실력이 올랐다면 플레이 해보겠습니다! 그게 아니라면....

스타일리쉬한 액션 게임 답게 상당히 스피디하고 화려합니다 다양한 기술과 스킬의 조합으로 인한 콤보의 손맛이 좋고 체인시스템이나 심연 같은 시스템으로 반복적인 플레이에서도 다양한 플레이를 할수 있습니다
여기에 주변의 다양한 오브젝트들을 활용해서 공격하거나 함정등을 설치할수도 있어서 전략적인 플레이도 가능한 점이 완성도있게 만들어진 게임입니다
익숙해지기 전까지는 어느정도 빠른 판단력이나 컨트롤이 요구되기에 초반 난이도가 있는 편이지만 무기나 장비를 통해서 성장시키면서 이런 어려운 부분들이 조금씩 해소되는 재미도 있습니다

입문자 플레이를 해봤습니다.

얼음 깨는 부분, 심연 부분, 마우스 휠버튼으로 영혼이 모이는데 잘 안 모일때 있음.

어렵게 느껴집니다.

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