Hana's Campus Life! Secret Plus


What does one do when a girl appears, claiming to be a god? For college student Jeong Lee-Han, his life suddenly becomes turned upside down by the appearance of the god, Hana. A supernatural love comedy visual novel with multiple endings.

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'하나'님의 캠퍼스 라이프! 애니메이션! (머또)

Game Description

"You have a very important mission!”

The girl, who claims to be a god, had an unusual appearance.
Long silver hair, oversized dark uniform….

“Hey! That’s rude!”

It goes without saying that the girl, "Hana,” (who claims to be a god) forcibly intruded on my daily life.
She said that her appearance was normal for a god and over time she became more comfortable around me...

Well, yeah...
Perhaps, I am having fun.

But, while I spent those easygoing days with Hana, it started to dawn on me:
The fearsome meaning of “god” that Hana spoke of.


Hana's Campus Life is a visual novel told in the perspective of Jeong Lee-Han, an engineering student just entering his 3rd year of college. He finds himself in a bizarre situation when his life is saved by Hana, a small girl who claims to be a god.

Throughout the game, Lee-Han will face numerous situations. The reality that comes to him will be completely different depending on the player's decisions. Perhaps he can make his dream come true as he hopes and walks the path of becoming a developer. Or perhaps he will face the truth of the world in order to save the person that he couldn’t ignore, or maybe he will save the world instead.


- Including Lee-Sieun's and Hana's secret scene (Only Secret Plus Edition)

- English and Korean language options
- After story Korean voice acting
- Opening Song "Sweetener" by Suzuran
- 20+ High Quality CGs
- Original OST
- 7 Multiple endings

하캠라 1.1.1 스토브 핫픽스 (이시은 루트 히든 업적 이슈)

LimitedKun 2023.07.02 01:44(UTC+9)

1.1 버전 업데이트 개요

리미티드팩토리 2023.01.09 18:34(UTC+9)

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(강스포/장문) 미연시 '절망편' - '하나'님의 캠퍼스 라이프! 리뷰

덤비면문다고 2024.01.07 16:42(UTC+9)

하나 루트 공략

으쨩 2022.11.13 21:52(UTC+9)

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