Dungeon Of Dragon Knight

Retro dungeon crawler RPG in modern visual design

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About Dungeon Of Dragon Knight
Dungeon of Dragon Knight is a retro dungeon crawler RPG in modern visual design. 

Pointed by a mysterious witch, your party will descend into a dungeon 

with traps and monsters 

in search of the evil Dragon Knight and his treasure weapon. 

Dungeon Of Dragon Knight Background Story

You take on the role of a four person party after your hometown was attacked by orcs. 

As a last resort, you fled into an unknown forest. Suddenly, a witch appears in front of you, 

pointing to a house not far away, saying she can provide food, water, and a place to rest. 

However, upon arriving at the house, the woman disappeared. 

Before entering, you find that it is in fact a cave. 

Then you're informed by a note that the witch needs you to enter the cave and find the Dragon Knight, Sowen, 

who has a magical weapon that he intends on using to open the Gates of Hell. 

So you descend into the dungeon and begin your search for the Dragon Knight 

and the powerful weapon he possesses, 

hoping to stop him before he puts an end to the world.

Owner of the Dragonslayer tavern, Rula

Once upon a time... I think you are quite familiar with this kind of legend.

What I want to mention is that your client, Lula, is a mysterious and beautiful lady. 

During the exploration you can visit her tavern.

Summary of Dungeon Of Dragon Knight

Feature of Dungeon Of Dragon Knight

- A dungeon crawler game based on the grid system.

- Optimized magic system. Easy to use.

- Tavern in the dungeon.

- Made with the Unity engine. Makes the environment real.