Sentimental K

Sentimental K is a 3D rogue-like action game.

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Sentimental K fuses the dynamic and intuitive gameplay found in the 3D action genre with the ever-changing and unexpected experiences found in roguelikes.

Players must eliminate enemies and advance towards their destination using 『Weapons, Skills, and Artifacts』 obtained from a variety of situations. If the player dies during their journey, they lose all their rewards and must restart from the beginning.

5 weapons, 78 skills, 127 artifacts, 13 bosses, dungeon layouts change randomly every time you play. You will have to find your own optimal configurations in order to make it all the way to the end! 


Dynamic Action and 3D Action Camera
With our years of experience developing action games, we have made Sentimental K with tight controls and dynamic 3D action that remains visceral while maintaining a sense of rhythm. The game generally uses a top-down view, but the camera dynamically adjusts to provide players with a better experience. 

Bosses with a Unique Concept
Sentimental K's boss monsters have a unique concept that embodies specific emotions. Explore the bosses! 

Deep, Synergistic Strategies
Players need to consider carefully how to use the 『Weapons, Skills, and Artifacts』 they acquire together effectively. It’s a lot of fun when a build works as intended!

Weapons, skills, artifacts, dungeon layouts, bosses, and other elements are randomly generated. Freshly generated gameplay elements provide a new experience each time you play.

Unfortunately, if you get killed by a monster, you must start over from the beginning with only your basic weapon. Repeated play will not permanently strengthen the main character's stats. Instead of the character’s growth, immersion comes from your experience and growth as a player.


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