"I became a prince to survive." "꽃의 새벽," a fusion romance game with ancient Egyptian civilization motifs and elements of fantasy and mystery

Visual Novel, Simulation, Casual
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◆ What kind of game is 꽃의 새벽?◆ 

꽃의 새벽 is a romance simulation game that tells the story of an Egyptian princess who is forced to cross-dress.

As you progress through the story, you'll be presented with a variety of choices, and you'll be able to determine the "fate" of the protagonist by making "choices".

Depending on your choices, she can sometimes fade away like a fading flower, or she can blossom and become a pharaoh.

Or maybe she'll leave it all behind and set off in search of a new path.

Only you can change her future.

◆ Synopsis ◆

A murdered queen. A princess turned away by the pharaoh.
Left alone in a cold reality, she became a prince to survive.

After a lonely time of struggle, she is on the verge of her coming-of-age ceremony when someone threatens her life.

A mysterious ability awakens in a moment of crisis.
And three men approach her.
Who should she trust and who should she be wary of?
Who is the killer and what is his purpose?

Like a flower blooming after a cold night
A story that opens a warm morning
Oriental fusion romance game '꽃의 새벽'

◆ Characters ◆

→ The 'main character' who will drive the story
"I can't trust anyone."
A princess turned prince. Since her mother's death, she has lost the ability to trust people.
How will the encounter change her?

→ "Denech," the Tsundere dwarf prince
"It's none of your business, get lost!"
The protagonist's half-brother. A troublemaker for the royal family with his harsh words and radical behavior.
He and the protagonist have a bitter relationship due to an incident.

→ Selfishly informed 'Enrim'
"Who bullied my princess?"
The most famous informer in Thebes. An old friend of the protagonist.
A light-hearted, quick-witted, and unruly character.

→ Tamuz, the most affectionate and powerful prosecutor.
"I'm worried about you."
The kingdom's top prosecutor and head of the army. The Egyptian version of Benjamin.
He is like a gentle big brother who takes care of the protagonist.

◆ Features ◆

- Fresh and immersive story with Egyptian background fusion fantasy material
- Voice acting by a luxurious Korean voice acting team, including Jung Jung-taek, Lee Joo-seung, and Kim Dan
- Watercolor-style illustrated backgrounds with cozy and unique textures
- Two vocal songs and a calming, mysterious, piano-driven original BGM
- A variety of mini-games including card matching, brick breaking, rhythm games, and more
- The protagonist's future changes based on your choices. Multiple endings


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