"Players, please break the chains of Amy's nightmares with DR3AMy!" Break free from nightmares with the lovely DR3AMy android and Amy. This game contains visual and auditory horror elements.

Visual Novel, Horror, Casual
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"Players, please break the chains of Amy's nightmares with DR3AMy!"

DR3AMy is a psychological horror visual novel, centered around a dreamy Sci-Fi atmosphere and sensational soundtrack. This game contains visual and auditory horror elements. It is not recommended for the elderly or those with a weak heart.

Amy suffers from terrible nightmares every night.
These horrifying nightmares, dragging Amy into the abysmal depths,
have been so lethal that they disrupt her daily life.

One day, Amy woke up in a futuristic space filled with things she could've never believed existed in this world.
As she woke up, the androids Cotton and Kana with 'DREAM-CODE', appeared. DR3AMy said, ‘By spending enjoyable time with us, we can completely break the chains of your nightmare!’

"Amy, we're androids for your emotional health! Congratulations on being selected as a test user. We'll cure all your nightmares!" 

"Hold up. So if I fill up this Dreamgauge thing with happy energy, it'll stop the nightmares? All I gotta do is just chat about nice stuff with you?

…And that's seriously all it takes to make the bad dreams go away?"

Extremely Straightforward Gameplay

“Breaking free from the shackles of nightmares is a piece of cake!”

The moon gauge in the upper right corner is called the Dreamgauge.
Amy's Dreamgauge is filled to the brim with chaotic, dark crimson energy.
If you fill the Dreamgauge with at least 70% Happiness, the nightmare will disappear. 

Q. How can the Dreamgauge be filled with happy energy?

① Endure nightmares every night.
② In the afternoon, have pleasant conversations with the DR3AMy android.
③ Then, the DR3AMy android will blow happy energy into Amy's Dreamgauge. 

However, they cautioned that a sudden influx of happiness energy can potentially lead to side effects.
Moreover, they added that Amy must endure nightmares every night until they disappear to a certain extent from the dream gauge.

Although there were some suspicious details, Amy decided to trust DR3AMy.
Not only is DR3AMy intelligent, but also it seems like they are pretty good androids with rich emotions, almost like a real living human.  

――Amy thought she could surely become good friends with DR3AMy. Maybe, just maybe.

Enjoy a Fantastic Dream Journey!

An immersive, SF theme that makes you feel like you're dreaming among the Milky Way's surging tides.

A thrilling story filled with suspense, plot twists, and sociological imagination.

Expressive characters and emotional illustrations.

Built on the smooth 3D rendered Dreamy House and high-quality video sources, enjoy a fantastic dream journey!