Kitchen Crisis

Kitchen Crisis is a cooking defense game where you play as an abducted Earthling, serving dishes demanded by aliens to survive. Arrange cooking tools efficiently, upgrade ingredients and tools, and adapt to ever-changing recipes to stay alive!

Defense, Strategy, Casual
Team Samoyed
Team Samoyed
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Kitchen Crisis is a culinary defense game where you are abducted by aliens and must quickly serve them food that they demand.

Dire consequences await those who fail to cook to the best of their abilities.

· Cooking System

Characters automatically cook in the order of the recipe, and no further actions are required from the player. But beware, cooking will stop without proper kitchen appliances!

Challenging recipes create more powerful effects while you aquire a higher difficulty rating. Use your judgment to decide which recipes you can handle.

· Arrangement

Cooking efficiency varies greatly depending on the arrangement of kitchen appliances and ingredients. Keep a close eye on your cooking process in order to design the optimal cooking paths.

Furthermore, placement of the completed dishes is also a crucial factor. Place your dishes wisely, carefully considering your cooking paths and the synergy among your dishes.

· Upgrade

Use your gold to upgrade your kitchen appliances, ingredients, and more. As you upgrade, your cooking speed and effectiveness will increase. Creating an optimal build is vital, so decide prudently!

· Various Characters

Each character possesses unique traits. Some environments are to the characters' advantage while others not so much, 

So plan your menu, upgrade your build, and devise a strategy accordingly to your chosen character.


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