Help a tiny, fragile robot overcome treacherous obstacles and escape a desolate planet! An expansive cosmic adventure awaits you!

Platformer, Adventure, Casual
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# Overview

"Now it's time to fill this universe with your story."

One Drop is a game where you have to explore from place to place through keyboard and mouse manipulation and climb to the top of a ruined tower.

You have to be familiar with various gimmicks

Sometimes you have to use your brain.
Please help this little robot get out of here!

# How to Play?

- This game involves controlling a small robot with a propeller, navigating from the bottom to the top of the ruins. 

- There are platforms that can be stepped on, and you can move on robot using the A and D keys. 

- Pressing the W key allows you to levitate in the air for a certain amount of time. 

- If you stay in the air for too long, you will overheat and crash to the ground, so it's essential to land somewhere before that happens to take a break. 

- If the propeller collides with an obstacle, not only does the levitation time decrease, but it also bounces back, so you need to play with this in mind. 

- There are moving platforms, shaky platforms, exploding platforms, and various interactive elements, requiring delicate control. 

- There are gimmicks based on the control method. Combine and apply these gimmicks to reach the top floor.

# Universe Of One Drop

The story of One Drop revolves around uncovering the secrets of the universe. One Drop consists of a trilogy, including this installment, and future releases are planned to be games of different genres.
The debut title, One Drop, presents a glimpse of the game's world and story through elements obtained during gameplay. Acquire diverse information and explore the world of One Drop!