Block the Monster:

The way I make it becomes the way! A round at the square block! Square Block 3D Tower Defense with various routes and strategies! Turn the tide of battle by deploying powerful heroes.

Defense, Casual
Hit the Healing
Hit the Healing
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Introduction to the game

The way I make it, the way I do it! A game on the square block!

Storytelling-oriented 3D tower defense with multiple routes and strategies!
Turn the tide of the battle by deploying a powerful hero.

How many waves can we hold out until the defense collapses and breaks down?
See through the enemy's numbers first and catch them off guard.

It takes you to a fantasy world filled with immersive stories and unique characters.
Be the main character of the adventure in the fantasy world.
Fight realistic battles, carve out the fate of the fantasy world, and write a story.
We invite you into the rich storytelling.

Game Features 

A tower defense game in which users design their own paths to enemies.
The goal is to build towers to defeat enemies and gather resources, just like regular defense games.
With sufficient resources, you can confront the swarm of monsters. 

How to play it 

Stop incoming waves and build and upgrade new towers > with the money you earn.
The player places the tower in a square block in the shape of a checkerboard
It's a game that prevents monsters and enemy attacks.

Each tower has a different range and attack method
You should also consider these points and use them efficiently when designing a road.

Towers have attack characteristics that defense users will be familiar with, making them easy to adapt to.
Enemies that get stronger by wave, towers that get stronger as they upgrade accordingly, etc
It has all the key elements that a defense game needs to have.



Both friendly and enemy characters are very cute and cute graphics.
We're going to solve the Tower Defense game in 3D graphics like a fairytale fantasy
It's much more interesting and can be enjoyed casually.

Casual design and difficulty.
We welcome the challenges of masters who are tired of the existing casual defense games. 

Mouslin and colleagues head into the woods after the trail of the undead.
They save villagers who are attacked by the undead in the woods.
Mouslin and his friends have come from the villagers who have saved him
You hear an unfortunate rumor that the villagers don't go to the graveyard and come back.
Knowing this, Mouslin and his colleagues head to the cemetery in curiosity and worry...

Yuria and Blondina combine divine power with powerful magic
Performs a powerful seal ritual that can suppress the power of the undead.
In the meantime, Attila searched for Rakutan's whereabouts in the cemetery,
Get information about maps and rituals of temples.
Attila immediately reports to Muslin, informing him that Rakutan's ceremony will take place at the temple.
They head to the temple, fighting a fierce battle against the demons inside the temple
He's making his way to the depths of the temple...SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 


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