Catch My Color

Catch My Color is a game that find objects by applying the appropriate colors to the sights of Korea in black and white. Have fun coloring various landmarks in different colors and discovering hidden elements!

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Catch My Color is a game that solve puzzled by applying the appropriate colors to the sights of Korea in black and white.

Attractions in korea

The background of the game is a Korean landmark.

Discover hidden elements in famous places!

Hidden Objects

The game's puzzles are essentially hidden object finds.
Use the clues below to help you figure out which places to paint and which colors to use!

Hint Tickets

If the clues are too difficult, you can use hint tickets.
Get hint tickets by coloring in various parts of the map!

Various Colors

It's not necessarily to paint correct color, you can color it you like.
Depending on the color you paint, you will be able to see the attraction with a completely new feel.


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Catch My Color Demo


Catch My Color Demo

Catch My Color는 흑백으로 펼쳐진 한국의 명소에 자유롭게 색칠하고 색을 통해 퀴즈를 푸는 캐주얼 퍼즐게임입니다. 유저는 흑백 세상에 원하는 색을 칠해가며 게임을 진행하고, 게임 속 오브젝트들은 색칠된 색에 따라 다양한 반응을 보여줍니다. 국내의 친숙한 장소들을 다양한 색상들로 물들이며 숨겨져 있는 요소들을 찾아내는 재미를 느껴보세요!

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