Go Whih Me, , a journey to find your own color!

Color me
Color me
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Color Me is a cute and cuddly game in the casual parenting simulation genre.

In the game, the 'color' that the white colored pencil wants to have represents the 'identity' of an individual,
The colors of your friends represent the values and characteristics that make up your identity.
Bly, who is red, represents love,
Zoe is yellow for "fun.
Solly's green color represents caring,
Wiz's blue color represents wisdom,
Ray's purple color represents courage.
Which friends and how much you stick with them
will affect the identity (color) you face in the ending.
Knowing who you are,
Finding your identity is a big question not just for adolescents, but for adults as well.
It's a question we'll probably struggle with for the rest of our lives.
The ColorMe team has created a game about the search for identity that anyone, young or old, can relate to.
Play as the main character, interact with NPCs, and discover various identities!
The experiences you gain during your playthrough will shape the ending,
and you can see different endings depending on what you do to fill your time.
So you can play multiple times and never get bored!
Plus, it's a free-to-play game, so it's easy to get into.

Interacting with charming and unique NPCs and 19 different endings will leave you feeling warm and comforted like no other game before.