「Dorasyeoda」 is a 3D Mystery & Detective game set in a dystopian world, which is based on a virtual history of the Joseon Dynasty.

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「Dorasyeoda」 takes place in the Joseon dynasty.
Did I just say Joseon? Well, now it should be called the New Joseon!

New Joseon, ruled by the one and only God, has Narin as their national religion.

What had happened to Joseon?

On a peaceful day on October 3rd in Joseon, the descendant of God made his appearance to the world.

'As the Almighty takes care of our nation, all subjects must look up to God and be beneficial to the country.'

He leads a legion of iron-clad machines and takes over Joseon, thus opening a new dynasty by the name of New Joseon.

The original social class, which consisted of the Noble, the Middle, the Common, and the Low is now gone. Now, the people of New Joseon are divided into four new classes: the Ruby, the Lapis, the Amber, and the Shadow.

The Ruby are the royals, the ones who rule the country.

The Lapis are the aristocrats, the former nobles.

The Amber are the mechanical iron-clad men, a new species in New Joseon, created from the rituals of the Red.

The Shadow are the ones who are ruled, the subjects, very much like slaves in slightly better conditions.

Were there any backlashes, you say? Well, the dead does not say much.

The people in New Joseon must conform to their fate in the strict caste system.

Thoughts about resisting? People in New Joseon would rather pray to God if they have time for that.

Because on the Day of the Oracle, October 3rd, there may be a chance for an Shadow to be chosen by God and become a Lapis.

We do not know much about what God has in mind, but wouldn’t the odds go higher if one was a sincere devotee?

Our protagonist, Saegyeol was an ordinary Shadow until she was chosen to become a Lapis.

On the Day of the Oracle, when she was chosen by God,Her father died in vain, not knowing the reason why.

Clinging on to the unanswered question, half a month passes,

And Saegyeol is assigned to investigate why a steam train factory stopped its operation.

Through her investigation, she finds a trace of someone trying to cover up the truth.

This trace resembles the suspicion of her father’s death.

Will Saegyeol uncover the truth and also find answers to her questions?

Or maybe… a new question may form instead.