Novena Diabolos

One real human being, Every new game changes everything.

Visual Novel
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Summary of Novena Diabolos

Meet the occult detective survival game with attractive characters!

  - Among the Vampire, Succubus, Witch, Jiangshi, and Nine-Tailed Fox, find a real human and escape the village. 

  - Reveal the truth of the village of a story written in 2,700 pages of manuscript. 

  - Spoiler Free with a random system where events happen differently in each game! 

About Novena Diabolos


Park Joon-sung, a producer of a famous current affairs programme, was subject to disciplinary action for the false report. 

Despite the disagreement within the team, he investigates a new report for his mistake. 

While he is covering for the missing person cases, he gets trapped in Somang Unduck Village, a town of fanatics.

Five outsiders in the suspicious village, but it turns out they are Vampire, Circus, Witch, Jiangshi, and Nine-tailed Fox, and only one of them is a real human. 

For nine days, Park Joon-sung has to find and interpret evidence in the isolated village to identify the monsters and escape with a real human... 

Features of Novena Diabolos

Only one human can stay with!! To survive, Find the truth.


Survive through monsters and gather clues from the crime scenes around the village! 

Escape the village by building trust with a real human. 

Through meeting the female characters, you have to figure out the incidents and build trust to escape with the one who you believe to be a real human. 

Collect Stories and Reveal the truth 

Collect stories from the various places where events take place and reveal the truth of missing person cases of Somang-Unduck Village. 

Random system with different events for each play round

With each new play, the constituent elements of the event, such as human identity, criminal identity, monster characteristics, and the background of the event, are all changed, making it impossible to spoiler for each game.


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Novena Diabolos Compilation Edition

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Novena Diabolos Compilation Edition

A Compilation Edition of Novena Diabolos, which contains the main game, Another DLC.

Visual Novel Mystery Story-based
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