Become the new star of the Wasteland League. Your task is to bring a multi ton clumsy car to frantically speeds with powerful turbine. Pimp your Turbojunk, set powerful boosters, stock up on active gas and go ahead - show what speed is.

Racing, Simulation
RainStyle Games
RainStyle Games
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Turbo Sloths is a whole new racing Universe. In this race, your primary objective is to use a powerful turbine to make your multi ton, clumsy truck become as fast as a bolt of lightning!Give your Turbojunk some decent upgrades, install powerful boosters, stock up on active gas, customize every part and component and rush ahead, show off the true speed .You are to enter an incredible Wasteland League and prove that you are the One, the Madman of Speed.Unique atmosphere, pristine graphics and red-hot metal are waiting for you.


Welcome to the Turia planet. Its soil houses the most power-efficient mineral ever to exist across the Universe - the turanium. With it in their firm grasp, the Sloths have colonized the worlds within their reach. They are a highly intelligent race of tech-heads and industrialists, for whom there are no insurmountable barriers, they just bring them down and go for more.Turia and entertainment are as different, as chalk and cheese, yet there is one thing locals enjoy the most and the name for their passion is «racing». When you have access to powerful fuel, ordinary cars just get toasted into a crisp, so this is the point where you seek a more horse power-loaded beast.The Wasteland League is the most prestigious championship around these parts.Only the multi ton Turbojunks can qualify for the races. And the one and only task for you to tackle is to speed up this oversized monster and cross the finish line first. To leave them all is about more than just pedal to the metal, it is also about infusing even more power into your metal companion: use special chain boosters, heed your inner voice for the right turn up the heat to preserve inertia and rush on. Only the most desperate Sloths have got what it takes to win over and over again!


Diverse tracks with challenging sharp turns and sections long and straight as an airstrip for you to quench your thirst for speed. The weather changes and affects vehicle handling. But you can change it to drive with comfort, or challenge. As you race, you’ll discover a vast variety of weaponry to press your advantage against those insolent ones who dare oppose you. Tracks are perilous and full of obstacles like concrete roadblocks, barrels as well as robots and turrets for you to tear asunder using your extensive array of arms. The Arena and Survival modes along with those native to classical racing games loved by millions are your playground.
You’re going to have a great deal of fun. Enjoy.


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